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Fire Extinguisher AMC in Mumbai

Fire Extinguisher AMC

Fire Extinguisher AMC in Mumbai

We all know and understand the importance of having lifesaving fire equipment in our homes and office.

But not all of us understand the importance of having to maintain it for it could come in handy at any given time.

Indean Fire Safety System’s AMC service is the thing to invest in if you are among the people who know why and how important it is to regularly maintain your fire alarms, fire systems, and most importantly, your fire extinguishers. Refilling the systems is not all you have to do to be safe from fire hazards, knowing the right refilling and maintaining the structure of the systems is equally important.

Our maintenance services are offered by a group of trained individuals, who ensure that every lifesaving equipment is working optimally. They are dedicated to regularly checking and updating the devices installed at the premises of the clients. Our Fire Extinguisher AMC in Mumbai [Annual Maintenance Certificate] ensures that all the fire extinguishers are refilled with the authorized material/chemicals and through certified vendors only.

It also helps the clients in keeping fire extinguishers in surplus on premises, in case there is a huge fire or in the case of downtime due to any kind of maintenance. In the case of a refill with us, of course, that is not an issue as we will provide you with replacement fire extinguisher [the list of advanatages of having an AMC goes on].

At Indean Fire Safety, we manufacture life-saving fire equipment with precision and passion, and we are best equipped to maintain our products as well.