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Fire Alarm System Dealers in Mumbai

Fire Alarm System Dealers

Fire Alarm System Dealers in Mumbai

Indean Fire Safety is Mumbai’s Preferred Life and Fire Safety Alarm Systems Provider. When lives are on the line, go on and choose one of city’s finest, most respected and trusted life safety, and fire systems integrators.

Indean Fire Safety System specializes in commercial and residential fire systems for high-rise building, corporate houses, hotels, restaurants, retail shops, schools, and private homes. The importance of a well-maintained and highly structured Fire Alarm System can not be overemphasized as it is important to keep the property and people living in the establishment safe. Suitable inspection, maintenance, and regular testing of fire alarm systems can help save lives in more ways than we care to fathom.

We specialize in all kinds of conventional and addressable alarm systems which are manufactured and put together using the latest technology and through codes set by the concerned authorities. We, Indean Fire Safety, also help our clients with inspection, maintenance, installation, and testing of their fire alarm systems.

As one of the best Fire Alarm System Dealers in Mumbai, we try to provide integrated services which include smoke/fire alarms, fire monitoring, alarm service and maintenance as per the national regulations, emergency services, etc.

Our Alarms and Detectors include Flame Detectors, Heat Detectors, Linear Heat Detectors, Optical Flame, Smoke Detectors, Flammable Gas Detection, Beam Smoke Detection, etc.

We know one can never be safe from such hazards, but we can help you being as ready as possible in case a life threatening fire hazard takes place. The first step to being safe is to know what may harm you and for that, we are working throughout the year and making our clients safe.