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Fire Extinguisher Refilling System in Mumbai

Fire Extinguisher Refilling System

Fire Extinguisher Refilling System in Mumbai

Indean Fire Safety System has dedicated itself for the last many years to the fire safety industry. As one of the most widely appreciated and oldest companies in this field, we have provided endless service, maintenance, and sale throughout Mumbai as well as its adjacent areas with promptness, knowledge, and professionalism that our work is done right.

Our facility is equipped with all the necessary machinery which is and can be needed by our clients to perform the hydrostatic work on all types of fire extinguishers. We sell, monitor, maintain, install new systems as well as service and refill the existing ones for the clients.

As a reliable source of fire systems and equipment, we are always up-to-date with latest rules, alarms system codes, and regulations as well as the guidelines set by the concerned authorities for which type of solutions should be used for refilling – this makes our Fire Extinguisher Refilling System in Mumbai one of a kind in the city.

Our dedicated, professional, and highly trained team keep tabs on the needs of our clients and if there is any fire extinguisher that needs to be refilled, they try to get to work as soon as possible as a blazing fire can occur at any given time.

We provide two types of fire extinguishers, refillable and non-refillable. If you currently have an extinguisher that has been used recently and can be refilled that you need a new one for your premise as it might not be safe to be working without a fire extinguisher if already used one. And if you have a fire extinguisher that is refillable then we the company you should work with.