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Fire Extinguisher Accessory Dealers in Mumbai

Fire Extinguisher Accessory Dealers

Fire Extinguisher Accessory Dealers In Mumbai

Fire protection systems and extinguishers are extremely necessary and vital to a well-structured home or business facility. Fire extinguishers and all the accessories that they come with are the most important parts of a fire safety program and kit. This is the reason why it is not enough to get only a fire extinguisher, it is also important that it is properly inspected by the experts, properly mounted on the walls and is tagged with the logo of the company.

As we are arguably the best there is when it comes to fire safety systems and their maintenance, we provide a wide range of extinguishers and accessories to the clients at an extremely affordable rate. Standard extinguishers, Co2 extinguishers, dry powder extinguishers, automatic, wheeled extinguishers, mounts, sprinkling extinguishers, etc.

As Fire Extinguisher Accessory Dealers in Mumbai, we are widely appreciated for providing critical services for fire extinguishers like:

  • Design & Installation
  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual Inspection
  • Refilling, Recharging, Product Testing

We also offer accessories for the clients like:

  • Surface mounts
  • Recessed cabinets
  • Extinguisher signs, etc.

At Indean, we treat every customer with respect and appreciation and make them a member of our close family. This relationship helps us working even more passionately for the safety of our clients. We are dedicated to bringing integrity and value to the fire safety programs and industry with high-quality products and International-grade maintenance services.

With us, you can be sure of flexibility, quality fire safety products, readily available stock, no hassle, products made with latest techniques and available materials, innovative ideology, competitive prices, reliable services, consistent business practice, and much much more.