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Fire Extinguisher Refill Suppliers in Mumbai

Fire Extinguisher Refill Suppliers

Fire Extinguisher Refill Suppliers in Mumbai

As one of the most important fire safety equipment, it is vital that pre-installed fire extinguishers are properly maintained and regularly refilled at all commercial and residential houses.

Indean Fire Safety System’s team of professionals and experts are always on hand to offer advice, assistance, and maintenance service so that the clients can get the best possible fire extinguisher for their needs, ensuring that the clients remain safe and in compliance with relevant codes and legislations.

We have been in the fire maintenance industry for many years and we know how important it is to maintain the fire systems as they can come in handy at given time. We provide highly effective and attentive maintenance service to the clients for keeping their equipment ready to use – as Fire Extinguisher Refill Suppliers in Mumbai, we feel that it is nothing more than our own responsibility.

Choosing the right model, type, and quantity of fire extinguishers for your business is not as easy as it may sound - and that is why it important to get professional advice while choosing the extinguishers and the refilling chemical/substance. Our experts can assess your premises and are trained to select the right refilling product for your pre-installed extinguishers [in accordance with the Indian authorities]

We refill extinguishers depending on the abundance of the type of flammable product present at the premises of the clients. Different extinguishers should be used for wood, paper & textiles, flammable liquids, gases, electrical contacts, and cooking oils.